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„Children are the future of the world, let’s start with the children.“

The Vision

Obviously one can ask oneself if it does make any sense at all to try and solve their problems as it seems such a small fish in a big pond. But looking at the hundreds and thousands of homeless parents trying to raise their kids in a future-orientated way, and experiencing the effectiveness of a small organization as the IMIZAMO YETHU Educare Centre means coming to the conclusion that any effort on improving those circumstances is worthwhile. At a stage in near or far future some of the little human beings will have grown into adults sharing tears and laughter and being known as individual humans. By then at the latest we will realize that all we will have put in has been worth the trouble – no matter how small it might seem at the moment.

In the dimension of the last up to five years we have set up the aim to ourselves to support the project in various ways. Most importantly, the school needed a strong fundament to become a fixed institution within the distinct area. One big goal is achieved – we got the official registration for the school in october 2012! By that acceptance the school gets a governmental financial support.The school is supposed to serve as an example and being a multiplication factor for similar institutions in other townships


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