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„Children are the future of the world, let’s start with the children.“

Who We Are?

That’s us – Tony Grubenmann and Yvonne Noser Grubenmann.
Being brought up and still living in Switzerland, both of us feel privileged and thankful as this country is reckoned to be one of the most beautiful and secure places around the globe – and we especially bear that in mind each single time we get the chance to travel and experience other continents and different cultures.

The world in its uniqueness offers uncountable miracles with its marvellous landscapes, breathtaking nature and last but not least all the warmth and kindness of people everywhere in the world.
Contrariwise, contemporaneous the same amount of suffering and poverty is to be found all-around aswell. And especially children are afflicted with those tough and difficult living conditions as they are not able to help themselves yet.
Due to its multicultural population as well as numerous attractions, South Africa is considered to be one of the most stunning and fascinating countries worldwide. But at the same time the discrepancy between rich and poor is enormous.
We wish to share our fortune with those who face less favorable instances. Feeling bonded to South Africa and its people we decided to start our first supporting initiative in this country.
Thanks to close friends we finally found out about Imizamu Yethu and sincerely hope that this project will be the first of many other effective charity works to follow. We intent to aid the youngest with their upbringing and endow them with hope regarding a better future. Hence the name of the project was born: Give Hope.

On site we gladly access professional advises by local supervising tutors who help to achieve that common purpose and guarantee a continuous and successful advancement. We are in regular contact with the Coach of the School and the two of us visit Cape Town regularly to get a picture of the improvements having been made. Like this we are also able to individually underwrite your and our support in its entirety being received by the aggrieved parties.

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